Jimmy Brosch

Remembers Twenty Legendary

Texas Czech Polka Bands

Written by Theresa Cernoch Parker

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    It has been said that the best

way to learn about history is

through the stories told by the

people who lived it. This book

documents the history of polka

bands as told by families of the

bandleaders. Of course, Jimmy

Brosch and His Happy Country

Boys are included and Jimmy

selected 19 other bands he

remembers as being popular

and filled with talent. The bands

span generations from the late

1860s to the last dance of the

Vrazels’ Polka Band in 2009.

    Readers will learn about how the bands formed, their style of music, where they played, what they were paid, how a few made it their living while others held down day jobs, and the mark they left on polka music and Texas Czech heritage. The stories are illustrated with vintage photos, many of which come from family collections never seen before, as well as photos of the present-day families who shared their memories. A companion CD features a selection from each band, allowing readers to experience the music along with the stories.

Special treat: Jimmy added a bonus track 21 from one of the bands!

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The bands featured in the book are:

Vrazels’ Polka Band

Jimmy Brosch and His Happy Country Boys

Wence Shimek and the All Star Sounds

Joe Patek and His Orchestra

Jodie Mikula Orchestra

Adolf and the Gold Chain Bohemians

Harry Czarnek and the Texas Dutchmen

Ray Zapletal and His Music Masters Orchestra

Rudy Kurtz Orchestra

Lee Roy Matocha Orchestra

Leo Majeks’ Orchestra

Jurecka’s Orchestra

Ray Krenek Orchestra

Henry Brosch Orchestra

Frank Migl’s Orchestra

Bill Mraz Orchestra

Adolph Migl’s Orchestra

Julius Tupa and Sagebrush

Baca’s Band and Orchestra

Adolph Hofner and His Texans