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    “Oompah! Jimmy Brosch remembers 20 legendary Czech polka bands”

    -culturemap Houston

    “Most people undervalue polka”


    “Katy-area photographer doesn’t lose his focus”

    - chron.com on book photographer Mark Hiebert

    “New book features Sealy polka icons”

    - The Sealy News

    What Theresa Parker and Jimmy Brosch have done is great. I haven't had the opportunity to sit and read the book cover to cover, but I took what I thought was going to be a quick look at it last Saturday evening. I finally had to make myself put it down and get back to work.

    The book itself is a treasure, but together with the CD, it is a gold mine. I have listened to the CD and I really like it, especially Jimmy's introductions to the songs.

    It's a wonderful tribute to the Texas Czech Polka Bands, while at the same time preserving a part of Texas and polka history.

Jennifer Milton

"Polka Jennifer"

North Texas Polka Radio

KNON 89.3


    I just wanted to say thank you to you and to Jimmy Brosch for your work on Texas Czech Polka Bands book and CD. I was wondering what I was going to get my mom and dad for Christmas, but as I was flipping through the pages of the Vestnik, there it was, the perfect gift and one that I know they will truly enjoy.


    Mom and dad met at a polka dance. How they love their music. Every Sunday setting around and listening to Alfred Vrazel, Vrazel's Polka Band, on Polka Party Time, aired on the local radio station here. So many fond memories they have.


    So from the bottom of my heart I just wanted to say thanks to you and Mr. Brosch, please pass on to him, for all your hard work with the book. I can't wait until it comes in. I know two people who will be very happy when they open their Christmas gift.

Yours Truly,

David Woytek

Temple, TX

    I've been reading the new book written by Theresa Cernoch Parker entitled Jimmy Brosch Remembers Twenty Legendary Texas Czech Polka Bands. I've read four chapters, about the Vrazels, Jimmy Brosch, the Shimeks, and Joe Patek. Since I only started playing this music in 1989, I have a lot of catching up to do, in regard to these legendary bands. This book is very well-written, and I would strongly recommend it.

Bob Suttie

Bandleader, Texas Legacy Czech Band

    Thank you for agreeing to share your memories and to take the time to interview the retired bandleaders who are still living and the families of those who are deceased. Theresa Cernoch Parker did an outstanding job compiling the stories and writing the book. So far, I've read just over half the book, and I certainly agree with the person who was at the Texas Polka Music Museum Open House and was quoted as saying, "I've read the first two chapters and those two alone are worth the price of the book!"


Richard E. Bartoskewitz

    I really like the way the "histories" are told by family members and friends. It's not just a collection of known (and sometimes boring) facts, like so many other books and articles, but very interesting because of the personal stories and Theresa's wonderful writing style. Mr. Brosch, if not for your efforts, these stories would never be known. To me, it's like a dream come true. 

Mike Gest, Houston musician

Texas Legacy Czech Band, Moonglow Orchestra

    The chapter on Adolph and the Gold Chain Bohemians is just  great. It's  a  beautiful  story  and Theresa,  you  made  my  heart  flutter. Thank you Jimmy so  much for including my dad in this book.

Dan Pavlas, Needville

    I've read the first two chapters of the book and find it very readable.  Most books of this type which I've read are very boring.  That is not the case of this book and there are enough pictures to keep up the interest.


    Thanks again for all you do to help promote Texas Polka.

Roy Haag, musician

Show Host on http://www.nbgermanmusic.com/

and http://www.polkavariety.com/

    Jimmy's book is an encyclopedia of Texas Czech Polka Bands in the cradle of Czech polka music of Texas. Theresa Černoch Parker did an outstanding job.  Beautiful book!


Mister John

host of KCTI 1450 Polka Club in Gonzales